About Us

Hi and welcome to XOLuxe!

My name is Elizabeth, founder and driving force behind XOLuxe.

What started 12 years ago as a love for always having the perfect nails, a french manicure today, maybe some color to match an outfit tomorrow, or adding a little sparkle to the tips so I could accentuate my new blouse, evolved into something much more exciting. I realized that having that perfect piece of jewelry could not only highlight my nails, it highlighted me as a person. The perfect ring to showcase my nails became the perfect ring to showcase myself.

It gave me a real chance to come out of my shell and share my passions. My gorgeous nails and a splendid ring spoke volumes and I was happy to share all the details.

Jewelry excited me and made me feel great about my self. One big problem, I had a great appetite for variety and as you know jewelry does not come cheap. I ended up spending thousands of dollars for a couple of pieces. The pieces were lovely but limiting. I wanted more looks, more options, and more designs. I wanted more.

So I moved on from expensive jewelry and started looking for some alternatives. I checked malls, department stores and boutiques. I needed what they all named as “fashion or costume” jewelry that were available for reasonable prices ($30.00 - $100.00). Finding each piece was a thrill from the moment I saw it behind the glass to the moment it became part of an outfit. Unfortunately I soon found that quality fashion jewelry was hard to find. Stones would fall out, a band would discolor, the metal would bend and worst of all, the shine that I so desired, faded quickly. Online shopping did not make matters better.

That’s when I rolled up my sleeves and decided that if there was quality fashion jewelry out there I would be the one to find it, AND I would be the one to sell it. That’s how XOLuxe was born.

Now I have control over every aspect of the process and can share my good fortune with all those out there searching for the same things: quality, beauty and price. That’s exactly what XOLuxe is: Luxurious jewelry at affordable prices.

Thanks for visiting my store and Happy Shopping!